Ace 16 Kids Primeknit FG Football Boots Size 5 5 XFXPAFURY


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Putting you comfortably in control, you're the one making headlines and dictating play, with a perfect fit to adidas' Ace 16+ Kids Primeknit FG/AG Rugby Boots.Welcoming an entirely new look and snug feel to the adidas Ace Collection, helping you dictate the passage of play is a performance mix of PRIMECUT, PRIMEKNIT and GROUND/CTRL 2.0Comfortably in ControlWe bet you never thought you would be wearing knitted boots but with PRIMEKNIT at the heart of the design, not only do you benefit from a snug fit but enhanced ball control through the specially engineered knit zones. Topped off with the defining feature of the Ace 16+, the PRIMECUT brings a sock-like ankle fit that streamlines the boots connection with your foot.All WeatherLightly running your fingers over the surface and you'll feel a subtle pattern of minute dots. That's NSG (Non Stop Grip) and isn't just for show as it helps generate perfect ball control in all conditions so leave the excuses at home as now there's no weather off limits. New Sole DesignKeeping you light on your feet to race past opponents over firm ground and 4G pitches, the GROUND/CTRL 2.0 Sprintframe stud design is one used by the pro's. Previously it was all about putting more studs on the ball but for the Ace 16+ there's considerably less in stud numbers (eleven) for a streamlined design that also keeps the weight to a minimum.This boot weighs 239g (UK 5).

Ace 16 Kids Primeknit FG Football Boots Size 5 5 XFXPAFURY

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